This time I wanted to share my latex CV template. It took me some time to get it done and I know this can be useful to anybody.

% @brief    LaTeX2e Resume for Federico Ponte





\lhead{\Large Curriculum Vitae}
\rhead{Federico Ponte}
\cfoot{Software Engineer}

    % Contact Information
    \section*{Personal Information}


    \noindent $6^{th}$ transversal Res. Villa Quintana, PH-A, Los Palos Grandes, Caracas 1060, Venezuela\\
    tel: +582122867498\\
    cel: +584242561666\\
    skype: fedep3\\
    email: \href{}{}\\

    {\setlength{\parindent}{22pt} I was born November 19th of 1988, in Caracas, Venezuela. There I studied and got my school and bachelor degree. I have been always interested in computers and mathematics. I like the logic behind programming, it's like a challenge to me.}

    When I am not working I enjoy sports, playing computer games or going out with my friends. I swim few days in the week near my house. Of course I like and play soccer. On the other hand my hobbies are reading and watching tv.

    My best skill, I will say is learning. I am always reading and trying to know new things.

    I find my self more in the backend development of applications. I like the challenge it envolves in terms of security, scalability and efficiency.

    My objectives are to keep learning, improving my skills and always being up to date with new technologies. Also, I like to keep swimming and try new sports, like tennis, running or bicycle.

    \textbf{Favorite quote:} "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" --Mahatma Gandhi

    % Education

    \noindent\textbf{Universidad Sim\'on Bol\'ivar}, Caracas, Venezuela \vspace{2mm}\\\vspace{1mm}%
    \textsl{Computer Engineering} \hfill \textbf{ Octuber 2006 - November 2011}\vspace{-3mm}\\\vspace{-1mm}%
        \item[--] \textbf{Thesis  advisor:} Emely Arr\'aiz. I made it with Alexander De Sousa a carrer companion.
        \item[--] \textbf{Thesis  title:}  Clustering de Datos Num\'ericos por medio de Algoritmos Basados en Poblaci\'on e Inteligencia Colectiva (in english: Numeric Data Clustering with algorithms based on Population and Collective Intelligence). 
        \item[--] I am specialized in Computer Languages and Algorithms Design. Beside I saw three electives: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence I and Business Economics. 
    \textbf{Colegio Santiago de Le\'on de Caracas}, Caracas, Venezuela \vspace{2mm}\\\vspace{1mm}%
    \textsl{High School Degree} \hfill \textbf{1994 - 2006}\vspace{-3mm}\\\vspace{-1mm}%

    % Professional Experience
    \section*{Job Experiences}
		\textbf{Nedra}, Caracas, Venezuela \vspace{2mm}\\\vspace{1mm}%
		\textsl{Software Engineer} \hfill \textbf{May 2012 - Present}\vspace{-3mm}\\\vspace{-1mm}\\
		\item[--]  Created different web pages for real estate and auctions using Microsoft technology.

		\item[--]  Programmed in Java various requirements for SiteScout: video ads, web app for ads agencies, other for data migration, a server to make calls to Proximic, Peer39, etc.
		\textbf{Kentriki}, Caracas, Venezuela \vspace{2mm}\\\vspace{1mm}%
		\textsl{Software Engineer} \hfill \textbf{January-April 2012}\vspace{-3mm}\\\vspace{-1mm}\\
		\item[--] Did some test to see the feasibility of installing puppet on servers, for that i created and configure some virtual machines. Programmed page requirements (Python, HTML and jQuery)
		\textbf{Novared}, Caracas, Venezuela \vspace{2mm}\\\vspace{1mm}%
		\textsl{IT Programmer} \hfill \textbf{Octuber-December 2011}\vspace{-3mm}\\\vspace{-1mm}\\
		\item[--] Work tasks included evaluating the application written in VB to C\#, creating some RESTful web services using Java and polishing the website.

    % Volunteer Experience & Causes
    \section*{Volunteer Experience and Causes}
		    \textbf{TECHO}, Caracas, Venezuela \vspace{2mm}\\\vspace{1mm}%
		    \textsl{Volunteer} \hfill \textbf{2013 - Present}\vspace{-3mm}\\\vspace{-1mm}\\
		    \item[--]  I helped collecting money in the streets. Also giving logistic and technical help during two of their main events.

    % Computer Skills
    \section*{Computer Software}
    I have used a lot of different softwares: snv, git, Team Fundation Server, MySQL, Oracle SQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Jetty, Tomcat, Glassfish, Jersey, Django, IIS, Hadoop, Virtual Box, .NET, etc.

        \item{\textbf{Advanced}} Java, Python, C
        \item{\textbf{Intermediate/Advanced}} C\#, Javascript, CSS, HTML, VB, SQL, bash
        \item{\textbf{Intermediate}} Prolog, Haskell, PHP, MatLab, Intel x86 assembly, Ruby, \LaTeX

    % Language Skills
    \section*{Language Skills}
    \indent My native language is Spanish, but almost everything I write and read is in English both in connection to computers. Also, in my last work, I had to talk and interact with the customer directly and the language use was English.

    \textbf{TOEFL Score:} 100 



Here is the result.

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